At the HorsePlaying solo at the Horse improvised music club, the Horse pub in Lambeth, 2013

Dave Draper

live sampling/looping
circuit bending
piano & keyboards
found sounds & field recordings


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Ivory Coasters & the African connection

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Recent & Future stuff.......

Duo with Dave Fowler at the Hundred Years Gallery (13 Pearson Street, London  E2 8JD) on Saturday July 20th 2019.

Recent solo CD,  Smoke & Mirrors  is available from Bandcamp though the physical album is a double CD set, the second CD being a single 73 minute track!

Also available now at Bandcamp,  Is That It? remixes of the legendary (?) Ivory Coasters' last recordings, made in 1983 and remixed over the last couple of years by myself, from the original 24/16 track tapes, digitized by 'FX' in Acton.

Smoke & Mirrors     Is That It?
2019 Dave Draper